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Art Therapy - How to use Art Therapy With Others

Art Therapy - How to use Art Therapy With Others

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We Are One of the World's Leading Providers of Arts Therapy Courses, With More Than 180,000 Students in 192 Countries


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  • Fully Accredited Diploma Course
  • Gain CPD / CE Credits
  • Full Tutor Support 365 Days
  • Access To Exclusive Community
  • Resources For Professionals & Novices
  • Compatible With All Devices


Here's Just Some of the Things We'll be Covering in this Self Paced Online Course; Art Therapy - How to use Art Therapy With Others

  • Using art therapy to explore Imagery and dreams
  • Combining art therapy approaches
  • Supporting the ageing process with art therapy
  • Mental health and art therapy
  • Working with children using art therapy techniques
  • Colour therapy perspectives
  • Developing a broader understanding of art therapy
  • The practical application of art therapy techniques
  • Beating mental blocks using art therapy
  • Helping others to manage stress and anxiety with art therapy
  • Avoid over interpretation
  • Identity issues
  • Authenticity, creativity and recovery
  • Providing a context for art therapy


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  • Suitable For All, as no Prior Experience or Knowledge is Required
  • Lifetime Access With Everything Included in the Price
  • Over 48 Lectures and 30 Downloadable Resources
  • Private Invitation to Join Our Exclusive Community
  • Full Tutor Support 365 Days
  • Compatible With All Devices
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Abstract art image of a pink eye mask with one eye painted. This image was created by a student of art therapy now for the course how to use art therapy with others.

How to use Art Therapy With Others Online Course Overview

Art Therapy With Others is for everyone, whether you’re an individual who uses therapeutic techniques associated with drawing and painting or you’re a professional who uses therapeutic techniques associated with the arts.  Art Therapy With Others looks at how to use art therapy, in an array of settings to enable healing, peace and harmony to ourselves and/or our clients.  Art Therapy With Others is also suitable for children and people who work with children. This how to use arts therapy course focuses on using art therapy techniques, when working with other people. As well as professionals using art therapy within a therapeutic setting, the course is ideal for individuals wishing to use the course as a self help model.

Students enrolling on the course will have exclusive access to a private online art therapy community where you can share and support one another as you journey together using art therapy to heal, grow and explore facets of your personality.

This self paced course offers the convenience and flexibility of online learning with all the benefits of one to one tutoring, including unparalleled support 365 days a year.

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