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This self paced online course will show you how to benefit from
art therapy and the therapeutic process of creating art

A very colourful humming bird hovering in flight, painted in oil based media on canvas with an abstract background also painted with oils using palette knives and brushes. Lots of colours.

Art Therapy - A Student's Perspective

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We Are One of the World's Leading Providers of Arts Therapy Courses, With More Than 180,000 Students in 192 Countries

Example of Certificates

An example of the certifications you'll receive upon course completion. Three in total, arts therapy a student's perspective diploma, a CPD accredited course certification and 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit / Units, all with your name and the date you received them.


    • Fully Accredited Diploma Course
    • Gain CPD / CE Credits
    • Full Tutor Support 365 Days
    • Access To Exclusive Community
    • Resources For Professionals
    • Compatible With All Devices

Here's Just Some of the Things We'll be Covering in this Self Paced Online Course; Art Therapy - A Student's Perspective

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Zendoodle art
  • Painting your emotions within an art therapy context
  • Aestheometry
  • Spontaneous image diaries
  • Vision boards
  • Gratitude Mandalas
  • Healing writing
  • Creating your own superhero
  • Build on your confidence and self esteem
  • How to create art without judgement
  • Use art therapy for the purpose of meditation and relaxation

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  • Suitable For All, as no Prior Experience or Knowledge is Required
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  • Over 70 Lectures and 69 Downloadable Resources
  • Private Invitation to Join Our Exclusive Community
  • Full Tutor Support 365 Days
  • Compatible With All Devices

Art Therapy - A Student's Perspective Online Course Overview

“Art Therapy: A Student’s Perspective” is suitable for everyone.  Whether you’re a beginner or a professional who already uses art therapy in their practice, this art therapy course will equip you with the latest art therapy techniques, plus a ready-made toolkit of resources and worksheets, all of which can be personalised by uploading your own logo.

This is just one of the many reasons why this art therapy course is an ideal choice for those wishing to use art therapy techniques with their clients, either on a one to one basis or in group settings, including teaching.

In this art therapy course, we’ll be looking at the unique interpretations of almost sixty students worldwide.

As well as professionals using art therapy within a therapeutic setting, the course is ideal for individuals wishing to use the course as a self-help model.

As part of your art therapy healing journey, you’ll have exclusive access to a private online art therapy community where you can share and support one another as you journey together using art therapy to heal, grow and explore facets of your personality.

A student's perspective offers the convenience and flexibility of online learning, with the benefits of one to one tutoring, including unparalleled support 365 days a year.

Learning with us, you’ll be fully accredited with the CPD Standard Office, a globally recognised professional body.  Along with accreditation, on completion of your art therapy course, you’ll also receive 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit and a Diploma.

Absolutely everything is included in the cost of this art therapy course. The only other thing you’ll need is an internet connection and some basic art supplies, such a paper and pens.


    • Explore your personality through a range of techniques
    • Alleviate symptoms of depression
    • Manage stress and anxiety
    • Enjoy creating art without being judgemental
    • Build your confidence and self esteem

Example of our Student's Artwork

Deepa Naik's mystical creature is a Unicorn with multi coloured butterfly wings and a crown upon its head. There's flowers in its main and a star just above its horn.  In the background there's also a dolphin diving out of the big blue sea and above that the word Deepa.

I thought that i was rubbish at art! I don’t think that anymore. It’s not that my artwork is any better, it’s more a case of being aware of the therapeutic process afforded by creating or simpler still, just colouring-in, doodling and much much more. Enrolling in this art therapy a student’s perspective course, has been the best and most positive thing i’ve done in a long time, and i love it.

E Foad

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

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