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All of our online art therapy courses have been created in such a way, that wherever you are in your art therapy journey, you’ll find each of our art therapy courses, both invaluable and beneficial.

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Fully Accredited

Fully Accredited Courses With CPD / CE Credits

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Unlimited access to your course material and all downloadable resources including regular updates, for a whole year


All of our courses offer complete flexibility and convenience of online learning, with the addition of all the benefits of personal support.

So, whatever your preferred learning style, we can complement that. If you would like to, we can offer a personal learning plan prior to your studies, so that we’re with you every step of the way.

Exercises and activities to evaluate your learning, ensuring that you’re right on track and where you want to be on your self discovery journey
365 days tutor support with dedicated classroom assistants 24/7

Be part of an exclusive online art therapy community with members from all over the world. On enrolment, you’ll be invited to join the gallery via a private link where you can upload your artwork from that many assignments and share your experience of the creative process with your tutor.


This is a private space where students and health care professionals can share both their artwork, and personal experiences of their therapeutic art journey. You’ll be able to take part in topical group discussions, pertaining to each of the art therapy courses.

For those of you who will be using the art therapy courses for the purpose of working with your own clients, or in a group setting, you’ll be able to use the entire catalogue of downloadable resources, with the added benefit of being able to display your own company logo, for a really professional look. In effect, you’ll have you’re very own toolbox, filled with ready made activities and worksheets.

This allows you to contact and chat with classmates from all four corners of the globe, 24/7. Here you can make friends, find study buddies and support one another.


Sell your artwork and earn while you learn with a commercial profile.
Webinars / weekly hang outs and spotlight features where you will have the opportunity to be interviewed and featured in our monthly e-magazine.
No extra costs – what you pay includes everything you’ll ever need.


All of our online art therapy courses have been created in such a way, that wherever you are in your art therapy journey, you’ll find each of our art therapy courses, both invaluable and beneficial.

So if you’re an individual just starting your art therapy journey, exploring the therapeutic process afforded by simply creating art for the purpose of self-healing, or whether you’re well into your art journey as part of your career, then all of our courses are tailored for you. Health care professionals will find the techniques used very beneficial and helpful in supporting others in a self-development / therapeutic role.

Art therapy is appearing more and more everyday, being adopted and used in an array of different settings, by people from all over the world and in different contexts. Examples of this include:

Traditional role of art therapist and client
One to one counselling session
Parents with their children
Health support workers and volunteers
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres
Mental health professionals charities and social workers
Hospitals, universities, colleges, schools and more

The focus of all our courses is very much centred around the therapeutic process that’s afforded from creating art. This means you don’t have to be an art therapist to use the tools and techniques provided by each of our courses. It’s the creative process itself that’s most beneficial, rather than training to analyse artwork.

The activities and exercises used within each of our art therapy courses are appropriate for all levels. You’ll learn how to apply these exercises for your personal growth, self-healing, self exploration and self awareness, and be able to use them within group settings and while working with individuals.

Even if you consider yourself not to be particularly artistic or if you haven’t picked up a crayon, pencil or a paint brush in years, it really doesn’t matter.

To get the most from our online art therapy courses, all that’s needed is an internet connection.  All our courses are compatible with desktops/laptops, tablets and phones.  Best of all, you can choose a time and a place to study that suits you.



Combat depression, stress and anxiety

Build up your self confidence / self esteem

Increase focus, concentration and attention

Enjoy active meditation through the use of colouring-in

Experience a better quality of sleep

Understand communication better, enhancing personal and professional relationships

Resolve issues of acceptance / identity

Gain clearer vision and eliminate creative blocks

Step outside of your comfort zone by experimenting with different art mediums and styles, whilst in a safe environment

Understand what it really means to be non judgemental and silence that inner critic

Learn new strategies for managing ADHD or ADD

Enjoy family bonding by including the younger members

Connect with thousands of like minded people through the exclusive online community

You’ll be invited to appear in future courses as a guest artist

Every month applications are sent out for a student to appear in our featured spotlight

Increase existing skills and build upon existing portfolios

Through the application of art techniques, learn how to establish a better rapport with your clients

Learn how to help your clients find their own solutions by facilitating creative thinking in order to gain solutions by finding their own answers

Learn how you can facilitate client autonomy, by helping your clients find their own solutions, with the aid of creative thinking

Improve interaction and social skills, in order to best utilise activities and exercises within a group setting.  These skills are invaluable when helping group members to develop their awareness and learning ways in which we can be non judgemental, as well being able to demonstrate empathy, support, encourage and be accepting of one another

You’ll be able to gain exclusive access to a network of professionals, using the courses to help their own clients, as well as being able to share your own experiences of working with various client groups

Learn how to implement the newest techniques available in the field of art therapy, while increasing and continuing your own professional development

Benefit from additional material, made exclusively for a range of professionals

You’ll have access to a, bespoke, ready made, toolkit, which you can give a personal and professional touch to, by adding your own logo to any or all of the resources

Each month, you’ll be invited to apply for our featured spotlight, where professionals can share their successes, in relation to using specific art therapy techniques and the creative process, when working within a therapeutic environment