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What’s included in the cost of the course?

  • Fully Accredited Diploma Course
  • Gain CPD / CE Credits
  • Full Tutor Support 365 Days
  • Access To Exclusive Community
  • Resources For Professionals
  • Compatible With All Devices

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A whole lifetime access to the course material including updates, with nothing else to pay. This includes resources, worksheets and downloadable activities which you can customise, using your own logo.

Accreditation and Diploma along with 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit –For more information on accreditation, please click here! 

Unparalleled support – 365 days a year.  You’ll have access to your tutor, as well as dedicated classroom assistants and a whole community of classmates, spanning all four corners of the globe.  Here you can find your own study buddies and share your journey with one another.


Do your courses offer student support?


The course offers complete flexibility and convenience of 24 hour online learning, but with the addition of all the benefits of personal support.  So, whatever your preferred learning style, we can complement that.  If you would like to, we can offer a personal learning plan prior to your studies, so that we’re with you every step of the way.

24 hours / 365 days access to tutor support, plus a team of dedicated classroom assistants.

You will never be alone in your studies.  Regardless of where you are in the world or what time of day or night it is, help is always on hand to guide and encourage you.


Who are your courses for?


These can include individuals wishing to use the courses for the purpose of self healing and self development.

They are the ideal choice for anyone wishing to invest in CPD / CE accredited programmes, as all of our courses come with full accreditation by the CPD Standards Office, including 10 Hours of CPD / CE Credit.

Existing health care professionals, including Art Therapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Teachers, Rehabilitation Centres, who want to build on their existing knowledge in this area and further expand on their repertoire of therapeutic art and art therapy techniques.

Amateur and professional artists who would like to earn money from their artwork.


Why should I study with you?


You’ll have a whole lifetime of access to the course material, including all downloadable resources and regular updates.

Assignments to evaluate your learning, ensuring that you’re right on track and where you want to be on your self discovery journey.

Study at a time and place that suits you using any device.  Your courses are designed to fit around you and your lifestyle, offering you complete flexibility and convenience.

365 days student support.

Be part of an exclusive online art therapy community representing all four corners of the globe.

Create your own artwork albums and sharing galleries.


Student Stories

Rhea Embalzado

My name is Rhea Embalzado and I’m from the Philippines.

The artwork is an output of two lectures taken from Libby’s course: Art Therapy for Self Healing

The first lecture was called “Paint your Emotions” and the second lecture was called “Explore Your Deeper Feelings”

Music I listened to while creating my artwork: Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne in B-flat minor, Op. 9, No. 1

My artwork is called:  “The Sanctuary”

SHORT STORY: “Deep in the midnight forest it rest harmoniously on the ground. The fawn lay safe from the deadly predators roaming around. The little doe sleeps through the night in her little sanctuary. As it dreams without worry”

BEHIND THE PAINTING: In a life changing situation where I have experienced depression with trauma, where it brought only pain and suffering, drowning myself with sorrow and tears. I turned to art in an attempt to calm myself and prevent from being destructive.  Choosing the colours that represented my feelings in that certain moment and the brush strokes represented the process of calm.  Thus the result of the artwork.  Seeing what I painted is what I call “Decoding Abstract”, and this particular artwork I first saw a fawn – sleeping peacefully on the night ground. An Underwater Cave – peaceful yet unknown. And lastly, I saw a City in the Quiet Winter.  With all the images that I saw in one painting, it only means I have hope.  And I have to positively continue what I was doing.

I’m really glad that I came across your teachings, Libby, as it helped me a lot with my PTSD.


Heena Sahi

Hi all. I dedicate this week’s project art to one of my childhood’s friend who I lost a year and half ago. She was my first friend in life. She met me in my preschool years. Actually she was the one who approached me for the friendship as I was very shy in my young years. We grew up, our friends, our places and also lives priorities changed but we would always talk on our bdays. We never gave this ritual a miss. This is one fond memory I will cherish always.

Coincidently it’s her bday next month and I totally bind this creation of mine to her and her day.

The fun, partying, the conflicts, the teasing, the debates, the make up after fights, the movies whatever we did since school are unforgettable but very precious. You have gone too soon for sure, Unbelievable and I still tremble at the thought of it.

But I always feel happy to believe and imagine that you are definitely somewhere which is a better place that deserved a soul like you more than this world would understand.

Keep spreading your million dollar smile, it is going to work wonders # fingers crossed. Now I don’t think that god is unfair in taking you away soon but end of anything is just a new challenge and beginning. I just ponder over the thought with this art, that a kind soul loses its life at one place because we all our travellers in God’s hand and he has not planned any destination for us, he has a wanderlust mood all time which he executes through us.

You are just being god’s very good child. Happy birthday my friend in advance. You are flying like an angel in almighty’s magical sky.