All courses offered by Art Therapy Now are accredited. This means that on successful completion of the course students gain CPD accreditation. But, why is this important? And why should you always choose an accredited course over an unaccredited one?




If a course is accredited it means that it is registered with a nationally recognised training organisation. This means that the course meets stringent criteria to ensure the quality both of the content and the teaching. It also means that the qualification that you receive at the end is nationally recognised and can support you when applying for positions, whether this is as a professional in your field or as part of community work, volunteering, or supporting a hobby.




Courses offered through Art Therapy Now are CPD Accredited. Students that complete these courses gain CPD accreditation and are credited with 10 hours of CPD. More importantly the cost of the accreditation and the course diploma is included in the course cost. This is unlike many courses where additional payments are required to gain the final certificate and recognition of the CPD hours.

Furthermore, Art Therapy Now students are issued with their diplomas and accreditation the same day that they complete their course. There is no waiting, allowing you to reach out to prospective employers and organisations sooner and improving your chances of being able to progress in your chosen area quicker.




    • Fully Accredited Diploma Course
    • Gain CPD / CE Credits
    • Full Tutor Support 365 Days
    • Access To Exclusive Community
    • Resources For Professionals
    • Compatible With All Devices



Whether you are taking our Art Therapy courses for fun, as a hobby, to support your volunteer work, or to further your career, accreditation can help you. Of course, it is easy to see how gaining CPD hours can help if you are already working in a coaching, therapy, or similar role, it might not be as clear how they can help in other roles. The answer is simply that taking a course that provides CPD credits shows commitment, determination, and desire to learn and succeed. These are qualities that a wide range of organisations and employers look for in their potential team members. These courses also provide you with opportunities to change the direction of your career, to carve out new roles for yourself, and to better understand yourself and therefore develop the self you want to be. Art Therapy Now students work in a variety of settings and use these courses to further their careers within these settings. Just a few examples include:


  •         Facilitating art groups in hospitals
  •         Working with ex-offenders
  •         Supporting addiction recovery
  •         Supporting children and adults with additional needs
  •         Working with dementia patients
  •         Facilitating mental health services

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